About Us

Jigsaw Specialist Joinery opened in July 2005.  After years in the shutter industry we watched in dismay as the industry changed from manufacturing shutters to importing from the East.  The quality of the product was being sacrificed for cheap, lesser quality imports.  A retail culture was being created –”stack ‘em high and sell ‘em cheap”.  Manufacturing ability was being lost.  But worst of all was the culture of selling anything, regardless of the poor quality – “South Africans don’t know the difference and don’t care either.” This may work for certain products – but not for shutters. Not for most of the finishes we put in our homes. South Africans care about their homes. Our homes represent sanctuary and are still our biggest investments.

Our commitment was to retain the best features of shutters and improve the product as much as possible. We wanted to offer South Africans a locally made shutter of far better quality than an import, in less time and with far more care and concern for the Customer.  We believe in our product, we believe in our Team and we believe that South Africans do know better and appreciate quality and service. We are here for the long run and we’ll be here when you need us.  The proof of that is in the many repeat customers we have had over the years and the projects that we still occasionally service.  ”The new puppy chewed through a louvre… we left our teenagers in the house for the weekend… can you help? ”  We’ve heard it all… and yes we’re here, you are our customer and we’ll be there.

We believe that we offer a very high quality product at a competitive price and you won’t be able to match our commitment, care and backup service anywhere. Consider that when you make your decision.

When you deal with Jigsaw Shutters you get

  • Shutters that are measured, designed, manufactured and installed to each opening – No cutting down a pre manufactured item to fit. A fully customised product.
  • Shutters that are designed to harmonise with your window or door modules. No six panel doors with five shutters fitted
  • The whole process is handled by Jigsaw Shutters – No sub-contractors are employed.
  • A qualified, experienced, committed Team handles your order from start to finish.
  • Only the best materials, tried and tested. No composites or “engineered wood”.
  • You get real after sales service and product back up.

What you won’t get from Jigsaw Shutters

  • No “off the shelf” shutters cut and repainted to try and fit into a space.
  • No subcontractors installing your shutters.
  • We do not use so called “engineered woods” similar to what is in most imported products from Asia. In Jigsaw Shutters you will not find polystyrene, plastic, wood chip, MDF, “engineered woods”, composites or any of the other so called “materials”.