What are Jigsaw Shutters manufactured from?

Jigsaw Shutters are manufactured from solid, lightweight timber, usually Obeche,  a lightweight but very stable African timber.  Ideal for shutters.  We also manufacture shutters in exotic timbers such as Oak, Ash, and Maple etc

We do not use “composites”, “engineered wood” or any other so called "materials".

I thought shutters were very expensive.......

There is no denying that shutters have a certain cachet.  But expensive?  Think again!

Jigsaw Shutters are quoted for in full, the price quoted is for everything including installation.  There are no hidden costs.   On a comparison quote with a very moderate choice of curtain fabric, shutters were slightly cheaper.  The perception and look is certainly luxurious and stylish.  Remember too, that cleaning and maintaining your shutters is simple and requires no steam cleaning or dry cleaning.

Can I do my whole house in shutters...what about the kitchen and the bathrooms?

Shutters can be used in all rooms.  If, when we consult with you, we see a space that shutters are not going to be suitable, we’ll tell you.  We want you to be happy with your Jigsaw Shutters and we want them to work.

Custom made, designed... this all sounds expensive....

Shutters are a stylish and classic product.  They should be custom made.  You deserve it.  With a Jigsaw Shutter you will get practical, functional , excellent quality and a long lasting product at a competitive price.  

What colours can I choose from?

The choices are almost without limit.  Most popular choices are either a paint finish or a wood stain.  With a paint finish you can choose from any colour in any paint manufacturers range, a fabric swatch or furniture item and we’ll match it. 

Wood stain finishes are available in a range of colours to suit any style.

We are still at planning stage of our new build....

We can give you an estimate from plans or a door and window schedule.

I’m renovating. Will shutters work for me?

Almost certainly.  Give us call and let us meet with you – we’ve got some great ideas and proven solutions.

What about servicing and after sales service?

We know that in this regard we are unmatched!  We regularly take calls from people who have bought other suppliers shutters and cannot get any help at all!  Consider carefully before making your shutter purchase.  

Care, cleaning and maintenance.

After your shutter installation we’ll follow up with a note about how to care and clean your shutters.  It’s really simple.  A regular dust, an occasional wipe. 

How long will it all take?

From date of order, provided we can take final measurements,  2 – 4 weeks.  

If I sell my home can I take Jigsaw Shutters to my new place?

No.  Shutters are a permanent feature and should not be removed.  As they are custom made for each opening they wouldn’t fit anywhere else either.

Will shutters add value to my property?

In short yes.  As a permanent feature of home they add resale value.  Agents love to sell a home with shutters!

How long will my shutters last?

With proper care,  years and years.

I have a handyman/carpenter/builder/fixer upper who says he can do the same thing for less.

Beware!  If you wouldn’t consider buying an exhaust for your car from a supplier at the side of the road then apply the same thinking to a purchase for your home.  Custom made quality doesn’t come from “a man in van”.  

Will shutters provide a complete blackout in my bedroom?

Complete – no.  However, Jigsaw shutters have a unique design that is the most effective on the market for cutting out light when completely closed.

We live far way. Will you be able to install shutters for us?

Yes.  Give us a call.  We work nationwide and have worked on numerous projects outside SA’s boarders.

What happens if I do have a domestic disaster and the shutters are damaged?

Just call us.  We’ll help as much as we can, weather a louvre has been broken by an overzealous party guest or a broken geyser that has leaked water all over the house.

I’m interested. What happens next?

Contact us, we’ll arrange to meet you on site.  We’ll show you our products, answer any questions you have and give you some advice.  Then we’ll measure and give you a quote.